The uncertain military ruled future of Thailand

Thailand’s King Bhumibol Adulyadej, has died after 70 years as head of state. The Crown Prince, an International playboy and poodle enthusiast, with at least 100 concubines who is dying of AIDS, goes to England and Germany every month for blood transfusions, is Thailand’s controversial heir to the throne. 

Loving his dog more than his wifes, he once allowed filming his wife naked for his pet poodle, Foo Foo public birthday party and promoted the dog air chief marshall above Thai army personnel, and is known for his playboy lifestyle. Now, Crown Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn looks set to succeed his recently deceased father, Bhumibol Adulyadej. We take a look at the next King of Thailand:
Vajiralongkorn was expected to be announced as successor to the throne when his father’s death was declared, but in an unprecedented move, the official announcement was delayed to allow time for mourning. The next King of Thailand is perhaps not quite as well loved by the people as his popular father – however, this is in a country where reporting on the monarch can land you in jail. Announced as recently deceased Adulyadej’s successor to the throne 40 years ago, the 64-year-old was described in a 2015 analysis by Strategic Forecasting as “exceedingly unfit for kingship” in a society that “largely views the monarchy as a force preserving Thai culture and values”. Vajiralongkorn is known to have been married at least three times, including his second marriage to his mistress from his first marriage. After his second marriage came to an end she left the country with their daughter, whom he had abducted and returned to Thailand.
image_20161015123222His playboy lifestyle was even referenced by his own mother in a visit to the US in 1982. Speaking in Dallas she said, “if the people of Thailand do not approve of the behavior of my son, then he would either have to change his behavior or resign from the royal family”. In 2014 he divorced for the third time and is currently reportedly planning to marry a former flight attendant who lives in Munich, which Vajiralongkorn recently visited, exposing his bizarre lifestyle. Vajiralongkorn was photographed at the airport, saluting officials while wearing a crop top, jeans and temporary tattoos – which some could well consider attire not fit for a King. The Thai wife of the UK journalist who shared the pictures on social media was questioned by police. Under the country’s Lèse-majesté law, actions deemed to be insulting to the royals can result in prison sentence of up to 15 years. It is usually up to his sisters to appear on behalf of the royal family in Thailand, with Vajiralongkorn usually being more comfortable out of the spotlight. In a 1987 interview with Thai magazine, Dichan, he said, “when you are born into this position you have to accept it. Some people like me, some people don’t like me. It’s their right. … wherever you go there is gossip.” His wealth has been the source of many rumors in Thailand including allegations that he owned nightclubs that disregarded legal closing hours due to their connection and even a rumor that he rigged the national lottery. “The money I spend is acquired honestly. I don’t want to touch money earned illegally and through the suffering of others he told reporters invited to his residence in 1992.
foo-fooEducated in England and Australia as well as training with the US armed services, Vajiralongkorn is a qualified military and helicopter pilot with a love of aviation. His other great love is his poodle Foo Foo, who was revealed to have been assigned the rank of air chief marshall in the Royal Thai Air Force, according to a US diplomatic cable published by WikiLeaks. Foo Foo passed away and was mourned with four days of Buddhist funeral rites, causing concern among the public over whether Vajiralongkorn might be suitable for the position of king. And, now sit down for this one, the Prince is FINANCED by Thaksin Shinawatra, Thailand Khazarian Mafia frontman!! So what a way to bring Thaksin back into power.  
thaksin_cfr_devils_horn Thaksin was behind the red shirt movement in Thailand that many suspected was a Khazarian plot to steal stolen Lao gold. More raw intelligence below: “Here is a little more background on the relationship with Thaksin and the Crown Prince… It is known that the Crown Prince was (is) a heavy gambler….. Several years ago when Thaksin was still PM of Thailand, he personally saw to it that the gambling debts of the crown prince were settled… This amounted to around US$300 million. Ever since then, ‘a chit has been out there, waiting to be settled’…
The Royal Palace elites run the operation in Thailand, via the Crown Property Bureau. The Crown Property Bureau, which manages the Thai royal family’s properties and investments, controls assets that may amount to as much as 1.9 trillion baht, about $53 billion. It is Thai biggest corporate group in the country and one of the biggest landholders in the capital. Most prime locations such as shopping malls, red lights streets, industrial complexes, and key productive stolen, ex-Lao people farmlands, renamed Isaan, are owned by the CPB. It is also one of the more mysterious arms of the Thai government. Now these assets will be headed by a gambler, playboy, AIDS infected, ... future king. Expect the unexpected. Now the elites will have to agree between the two factions; one cooperating with China, and other to keep serving the British Crown Council depopulation policies, any disagreement will lead to civil war between them… It's not difficult to know that Thai people are under the policy of the Palace depopulation with huge wealth inequality gap, large scale time and energy wasting economy such as entertainment, beauty, sports, tourism, GMOs, chemo, over-process food (body needs nutrients, proteins, minerals, not taste), "sustainable development", mainstream propaganda, drug and human trafficking and so on. Thai people were systematically been lie to all the time, and the 0.01% elites have systematically been turning Thai masses into labor slaves, mostly in sex industries and low pay works.
Thai people, overpowered by the Military need to make the choice between:
  • the allow poor people to continue to serve as prostitutes, as low pay workers, as slaves to their costly multi-levels subservient middlemen military and big business owners lavish lifestyle elites, the British Crown Council front-men, the House of Windsor Government, and their US CORPORATIONS.
  • to directly working with the Jesuits (,
  • or to join new renaissance movement, and work to improve human, resources, and land development, to strengthens people productivity to make the best out of this deadly climate change typified by to lift ASEAN GDP, cooperate with South Asia, North Africa to compete with big giants such as the BRICS, Europe and North America.

Official announcement by Thai Military Junta (pro China)
_91913774_mediaitem91913171_91913170_mediaitem91913168 Reasons for Civil Wars As Earth Climate cools (, living comfort globally will be more expensive, and agricultural lands will be limited, growing seasons shorter, and with more extreme weather in different places, different seasons will witness more extreme drought, extreme cold, extreme hot, more rainfalls causing more frequent flooding. As consequences, food yield will drop and food price and other living costs will skyrocket from this year onward to 400% by 2024. The next 7 years will be hard for everyone that will collapse the developed economy. China, Russia, Europe, North America will be hit hard, people and their government are already engineering wars to relocate themselves further south. ASEAN is an ideal ground to compensate food production lost. For that to happen, Laos should supply excess freshwater and electricity and at the same time, develop their own economy. To avoid ASEAN lands grabs from the affected powerful globalist institutions, the alternative new 6 000 new cities of 1 million people each with agricultural modules must be proposed. This new international complexes must be Ice-Age proof (sea level changes, post Ice-Age big melt), float on international waters with freshwater supplied by SEAWAPA, along the equator, and will be safe from tropical cyclones. ASEAN lands will therefore be reserved to produce land based food.

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