Thai Royalty succession struggles, civil war assured

There is a huge secret battle being waged in Thailand over that countries historical treasure, mostly stolen from Laos in addition to 1/2 of lands and people. Sources in the Thai Royal family and CIA sources in Asia confirm there is a serious succession struggle going on there. Here is the raw intel on this subject:
“Every Thai phone was sent this message from the royal palace: ‘The King is not well, he has fluid on his lungs and his liver is not functioning properly.’ This brings about this: the Crown Prince (who is dying of AIDS, goes to England and Germany every month for blood transfusions) becomes the King. And, now sit down for this one, the Prince is FINANCED by Thaksin Shinawatra, Thailand Khazarian Mafia frontman!! So what a way to bring Thaksin back into power.”

Thaksin was behind the red shirt movement in Thailand that many suspected was a Khazarian plot to steal Thailand’s gold. More raw intelligence below:
“Here is a little more background on the relationship with Thaksin and the Crown Prince… It is known that the Crown Prince was (is) a heavy gambler….. Several years ago when Thaksin was still PM of Thailand, he personally saw to it that the gambling debts of the crown prince were settled… This amounted to around US$300 million. Ever since then, ‘a chit has been out there, waiting to be settled’… Now the majority of Thai Assets is run by a gambler.

The Royal Palace elites run the operation in Thailand, via the Crown Property Bureau. The Crown Property Bureau, which manages the Thai royal family’s properties and investments, controls assets that may amount to as much as 1.9 trillion baht, about $53 billion. It is Thai biggest corporate group in the country and one of the biggest landholders in the capital. It is also one of the more mysterious arms of the Thai government.

HM has been out of the picture for many years…. As for the Queen, she left this dimension back in 2012…. A double has been sitting in since then…. The elites behind the scene have been trying to come up with a way to find another alternative to keep the crown prince from taking the throne; Including changing the constitution and having the Princess take the throne. This is one of the reasons for the Military to be in charge now. I have said for years that the best scenario for the Thai people would be the announcement by the Royal Palace that the king and queen passed away together in each other’s arms… The Thais would accept this fairy tale ending.

The elites will have to agree between the two factions; one cooperating with China, and other to keep serving the British Crown Council depopulation policies, any disagreement will lead to civil war between them… They cannot keep the king in the hospital, (with more and more operations, fevers, infections, etc. ) story going much longer…. I happen to have Russian Intel from several years ago that explains in detail with photographs the fraud that has been played on the people of Thailand and the world regarding the king and queen.” Thai people were systematically been lie to all the time, and the elites have systematically been turning Thai masses into labor slaves, mostly in sex industries and low pay works.

Thai people need to make the choice by abandoning to serve their costly multi-levels subservient middlemen, the British Crown Council front-men, the House of Windsor Government, their US CORPORATIONS to directly working with the Jesuits (, and change human and resources development to strengthens people to make the best out of this deadly climate change typified by to lift ASEAN GDP and cooperate with South Asia, and North Africa to compete with big giants such as the BRICS, Europe and North America by increasing real physical production of goods and thrive beyond sustainability, not the British Crown agenda-21 related goods and services using gas from poor Myanmar, electricity from Laos, and exploit slaves for the elites benefits alone.