SEAWAPA Executive Summary


The ongoing development across the world will not be able to face all of the following challenges:

  • Population increase
  • Increase demand for global comfort lifestyle
  • Climate change of:
    • temperature changes:
      • between day and night, (24 hours cycle)
      • between different seasons of the year, (365.25 days cycle)
      • between Solar Minimum and Solar Maximum (11-13 years cycles)
      • between Grand Solar Minimum and Warm period (100-400 years cycles)
      • between Long Ice-Age Glaciation (90,000 to 100,000 years long ) and the Interglacial Warm Holidays (11,500-12,000 years long) cycles which is about to end and return to the 90,000 years Long Ice-Age Glaciation.
    • causing:
      • flood,
      • drought,
      • too cold, too warm temperature leading to :
        • reduction of agricultural season and hazardous food growing conditions
        • reduction of living standards
        • reduction of population
        • global economic crisis
        • civilization collapse, and reset.

Alternatives and Executive Summary

  1. To collect overabundant of warm, free and good quality drinking freshwater from Pacific typhoons, the 7 months yearly monsoon or rains and the melting ice from Tibet in high altitude, tropical Laos by interconnecting existing and future dams.
  2. On the reservoirs and rivers, build floating Aquaponic modules (aquaculture + hydroponics).
  3. Use stored water to produce electricity and to supply those used water to more Aquaponic below it on land and afloat avoiding pumping cost.
  4. On land, build modulable floating bases to support all buildings and infrastructures, to simplify next phase development proceedings, to avoid flash flood, inundation, infrastructure damages and to allow city complex expansion and reconfiguration.
  5. To maintain water quality at the highest standard,  toxic factories will be allocated outside the reservoirs and the floating complex drainage system will be completely managed with recycling facilities before discharging them to the rivers or back to the reservoirs. 
  6. Increase freshwater storage through Central Thailand by following the same previous proceedings 1 to 5. Flood, drought, infrastructure damages will be minimised and food production will be increased by many folds.
  7. Build expandable wall of Dams structures as illustrated to include:
  • skyscrapers to share foundations and with movable apartment units to allow dams extension
  • globalized pressurized water grids will allow countries in need accessing water
  • hyperloop transports connecting major cities and use water pipes
  • hi-speed railways
  • facilities and possibilities for mass space explorations.

8- The seawapa-full-screen-presentation-v5extra freshwater stored will increase food and good production within Laos, ASEAN, Eurasia, Australia and even the dry Africa and Central America completely transforming the potential of Earth including greening the planet.

SEAWAPA will allow humanity to explore other entities such as nearby asteroids for more minerals and energy. This natural process will stop mining and oil corporations polluting and contaminating our planet once and for all as they will be exported to outer space.