2016 Louisiana Biblical Flood

Louisiana rain totals in the past 24 hours are so high, see NASA MAP, they are almost not to be believed – but they are real.

Historic Flooding in Louisiana

climate_mafia-us-agencies-7Some of the 24-hour totals in some of the hardest-hit areas of the State. It is no accident this unnamed storm sat parked and stationary over Louisiana for nearly two days. As we see today, high pressure on the NE side of the storm is now pushing it West into Texas as a new larger vortex of low pressure moves into the East side of the Gulf of Mexico. A microwave transmitter is producing sufficient RF heat energy to prevent that large vortex from spooling up into a storm in the 85F – 89F water in the Gulf. Meanwhile out over the East Pacific, a huge area of high pressure is preventing any cooler weather from a number of upper-level lows from moving into California to produce rain. Also, note the strong Eastbound flow over California and Arizona which is preventing any Monsoonal thunderstorm activity from advancing into the Colorado River area or California. This is deliberate.

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